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The foundation named "Jankowo Foundation" was established by the founder, Piotr Stanisław Handzel, by a notarial deed drawn up on November 18, 2010. The Foundation was registered in the National Court Register under the number KRS: 0000374994 by the District Court for the capital city of Warsaw on January 12, 2011. The Foundation operates under Polish law, in particular under the Act of April 6, 1984, on foundations (Journal of Laws of 1991 No. 46, item 203, as amended) and the Act of April 24, 2003, on public benefit activities and volunteerism (Journal of Laws 2003 No. 96, item 873), in accordance with the provisions of this statute. The supervising authority is the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. The headquarters is located in Poland, Mazowieckie Voivodeship, Warsaw, ul. Bokserska 1, lok. 4, 02-682 Warsaw.

Bank Account Numbers:

  1. mBank PLN: PL02 1140 2004 0000 3602 8419 5774  SWIFT/BIC: BREXPLPWMBK
  2. mBank EUR: PL02 1140 2004 0000 3312 2070 7835 SWIFT/BIC: BREXPLPWMBK
  3. PNB Paribas PLN: PL63 1600 1462 1732 2149 4000 0001 SWIFT/BIC: PPABPLPKXXX
  4. PNB Paribas EUR: PL36 1600 1462 1732 2149 4000 0002 SWIFT/BIC: PPABPLPKXXX

Preserving Cultural Heritage - Save the Heritage, Create the Future!:

Preserving cultural heritage is a fundamental aspect of our foundation's mission. This means undertaking diverse actions aimed at preserving, renewing, and protecting unique elements of culture and history, which are an important part of our identity and national heritage. Below are the key elements of our work in the area of cultural heritage preservation:

  1. Restoration and Conservation of Monuments: Our foundation is actively involved in the restoration, conservation, and renewal of historic objects. This is often a complex task that requires specialized knowledge and appropriate funding. Our work includes both renovation activities and historical research aimed at restoring the original appearance of these objects.
  2. Revitalization of Areas: We strive for the revitalization of areas that have degraded. This includes not only the physical renewal of buildings and lands but also the development of cultural, economic, and tourism activities that contribute to improving the quality of life of the local community.
  3. Cultural Promotion and Education: We support initiatives related to the promotion of cultural heritage, such as exhibitions, cultural events, workshops, and history lessons. Our goal is to sustain public interest in cultural heritage and provide education in this area.
  4. Preservation of Natural Monuments: We also work towards the protection and preservation of natural monuments, which are often an integral part of cultural heritage. This may include the care of ancient trees, parks, or other natural areas.
  5. Bibliography, Documentation, and Collections: We actively gather information, documentation, and materials related to history and cultural heritage. This helps us to better understand and document our past, which is fundamental in the process of restoring damaged objects to their original state. Moreover, we also collect artifacts and material culture collections to protect and make them accessible to the public.

All these activities are united in the goal of preserving cultural heritage for future generations and passing it on as an important part of our identity and history. Our work in this area is a significant contribution to shaping the future, while respecting and nurturing the rich history of our culture.

Supporting ecology encompasses a wide range of activities that go beyond merely historic objects, also incorporating aspects of sustainable development and a modern approach to environmental protection. Our actions in the field of ecology include:

  1. Eco-friendly actions in the process of revitalization and restoration: As part of our mission, we undertake eco-friendly actions in the process of revitalizing and restoring both historic and modern structures. This means that we care about minimizing the impact of our activities on the environment by using modern technologies and materials that are environmentally friendly.
  2. Promoting eco-friendly actions: Our foundation actively promotes eco-friendly actions not only in the context of objects but also as part of daily life. We encourage taking steps aimed at reducing energy and water consumption, and we promote recycling and waste reduction.
  3. Renewable Energy: Our support for ecology includes research on various sources of renewable energy. We are not limited to wind or photovoltaic panels but are also engaged in research on the use of renewable sources such as energy plants. We explore the possibilities of obtaining and processing energy from various sources and develop methods for storing energy in a more efficient and ecological way.
  4. Processing plant-based raw materials: We aim to develop innovative technologies that allow for the conversion of plant-based raw materials into higher-energy sources of energy. This aims to reduce dependency on traditional, non-renewable sources and promote sustainable development.

Our foundation is committed to protecting cultural heritage, but at the same time, it strives to introduce modern and ecological solutions that favor environmental protection and a long-term sustainable future.

Our foundation is fully committed to promoting and supporting the development of education, placing special emphasis on the following aspects:

  1. History and Culture: Our educational programs provide a wonderful opportunity for children and young people to delve into history, culture, and local heritage. We believe that understanding the roots and traditions of one's region is key to shaping identity and social bonds. In this area, we inspire young people to discover the fascinating past of their surroundings.
  2. Cultural Heritage: Our educational programs also offer opportunities to promote understanding and appreciation of cultural heritage. We focus on highlighting the value of local traditions and encouraging the discovery of unique elements of material and spiritual culture. Our work helps to convey to the younger generations knowledge about heritage that shapes who we are.
  3. Social Values: Our education aims not only to impart knowledge but also to shape social values. We promote ideals such as tolerance, mutual respect, and responsibility towards the local community. We believe that these values are the foundation on which a strong and harmonized society is built.

In these areas, our foundation aims to inspire the younger generation to acquire knowledge, respect for cultural heritage, and to actively participate in social life. Our work is an investment in the future that benefits both individuals and entire communities.

Our foundation actively supports the development of local communities, taking into consideration the challenges and needs of the modern era, especially in the context of European integration. Our activities include:

  1. Comprehensive Development: We support initiatives and projects that serve the comprehensive development of local communities. Our goal is to help create jobs, strengthen social bonds, and support cultural and social ventures.
  2. Intercommunity Cooperation: We work towards developing contacts and cooperation between different communities, promoting understanding and acceptance of cultural and ethnic diversity.
  3. European Integration: Our foundation actively supports local communities in the process of European integration. We assist in adapting to new working and living conditions in Europe, encouraging active participation in European processes.

All these actions are carried out in the spirit of caring for the well-being of local communities, educating the young generation, and building a stronger and more sustainable society. Our work is based on commitment, collaboration, and building a future founded on values.

European Integration and International Cooperation

Our foundation actively participates in promoting European integration and developing cooperation between societies of different countries, placing importance on close collaboration between Poland and Germany. Our activities in this area include:

  1. Supporting European Integration: Understanding the significance of European integration for the modern world, we support actions and initiatives that contribute to a stronger and more integrated Europe. We act as a catalyst in the integration processes of European Union member states and support EU objectives.
  2. Polish-German Cooperation: As an organization based in Poland, we place significant emphasis on developing relations between Poland and Germany. We support various initiatives and projects that strengthen ties between these two countries, promoting cultural understanding and cooperation on multiple levels.
  3. International Cooperation: Our activities are not limited to Polish-German relations only. We actively participate in international cooperation, establishing partnerships with organizations and institutions from various countries. Our goals include promoting peace, international cooperation, and mutual understanding on a global scale.

Our work in the field of European integration and international cooperation is focused on building bridges between nations, supporting cultural diversity, and promoting values such as peace, solidarity, and sustainable development. We believe that international cooperation is key to the development of societies and building a better future for all.

Together Towards a Better World!

Our foundation actively supports a variety of social initiatives, aiming to create a better world and improve the quality of life in communities. Our activities in the area of social initiative support include:

  1. Tolerance and Respect: We focus on promoting tolerance and mutual understanding between different cultures and communities. We work towards building a society based on respect and acceptance of differences. We support projects and initiatives that propagate these values and integrate communities of diverse cultural backgrounds.
  2. For the Public Good: We support non-governmental organizations, local communities, and other institutions engaged in activities for the public good. Our support covers various aspects of social life, such as environmental protection, education, healthcare, social assistance, culture, and arts. We strive to build a strong community that collectively cares for the common good and engages in initiatives for universal well-being.

Our foundation is committed to building a society that values diversity, respects the rights of all people, and works towards the common good. Through supporting social initiatives, we aim to create a positive impact on the local and global community.

Our foundation is an institution that passionately and committedly pursues a wide range of objectives. Our mission encompasses the preservation of cultural heritage, restoration of historical monuments, revitalization of the environment, support for ecology, development of education and local communities, as well as promoting European integration and international cooperation. We initiate and support educational programs that enable children and young people to delve into history, culture, and local heritage, instilling in them social values.

Our activities also include promoting tolerance and mutual understanding of different cultures and supporting social initiatives that contribute to the public good. We operate in a spirit of unity, understanding, and cooperation, building bridges between the past and future, cultures and nations, believing that together we can create a better and more sustainable world.

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