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Our mission is to save cultural heritage, restore monuments, and revitalize the environment, support ecology, develop education, and local communities. At the Jankowo Foundation, we combine the past and the future in the spirit of the public good, while supporting the process of European integration. Our actions shape a better future while preserving the valuable heritage of the past.

Welcome to the Jankowo Foundation!

We invite you to a world where the past merges with the future, and cultural heritage becomes a bridge to a better tomorrow. We are here to save, renew, and revitalize the Palace and Park Complex in Jankowo, the gem of our region. Our passion and commitment make every corner of Jankowo vibrant with life, and its history becomes an inspiration for future generations. We believe that through our actions, we can contribute to the development of tourism, education, and culture in the region, creating a place that will be a source of pride for the local community.

Our Mission

At the Jankowo Foundation, we work with passion and commitment to make Jankowo a place where history and culture are appreciated and promoted. Our mission is not only to protect monuments but also to support education, culture, and tourism in the region.

Why Jankowo?

Jankowo is not just about monuments and history; it's primarily about people and their passions. At the Jankowo Foundation, we believe that together we can create a better future for Jankowo, while caring for its rich past.

How Can You Help?

As a non-profit foundation, we rely on the support of donors like you. Your help will allow us to achieve our statutory goals, from the restoration of monuments to supporting education and the development of local communities. Every zloty donated to the Jankowo Foundation contributes to the protection of our heritage and the building of a better tomorrow.

Heritage in Your Hands

Your company or personal commitment can become the key to the success of our initiatives. Join the circle of donors who actively contribute to the protection of heritage and the development of the region.

Join Us!

We invite individuals, organizations, and institutions that share our passion for heritage protection, education, and community development to cooperate with us. Together we can achieve more!

Get to Know Us Better

Visit our website, gallery, and learn more about our mission, goals, and activities. Discover the history of Jankowo and see how you can contribute to its protection and promotion.

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Do you share our values and aspirations for making positive changes? We are open to collaboration with individuals who, like us, want to do good. Your support and involvement can significantly contribute to our efforts. We eagerly await to meet with you to discuss opportunities for collectively creating a better future. Get in touch with us – your ideas and initiative are highly valuable to us. We look forward to hearing from you and are ready for an inspiring partnership.

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